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“The Gods created beings to replenish our bodies; they are the trees, the plants and the seeds” ―  Plato


As humans we are living and breathing divine, every intricate process of our biology is a sign-post pointing towards the perfection of nature and inside every plant lies encoded a deep geometric truth reflecting the divine perfection that is creation. 

To thrive our bodies require food that vitalizes and imparts energy on our true form

Since the dawn of time pioneers of science and philosophy have championed the synergy of plant-based eating, only now do we have the science and tools to comprehend this fundamental truth.


Our Story


Founder - Sam Miller

Going plant-based for me was more than a diet, at the risk of sounding cliche I'd say it's a philosophy. It's the knowledge that not only can we survive without consuming meat, but in fact we can truly thrive.


I built Ethically Enhanced as an opportunity to serve others through passing on only the most thoroughly researched and optimised nutrition coaching.

We now work one-on-one with clients from around the world, showing them how to reshape their bodies and restructure their eating habits to feel and look their absolute best, all the while saving lives and the environment.





What the Tribe is Saying

EE Georgia Transformation.jpg

Georgia - 26 - Australia

To say I was in a slump is an overstatement, sometimes you reach a point where your self-esteem and body image is so low that it becomes a viscous cycle of self-defeat, you can barely muster up the motivation to pull yourself out of bed, let alone make the right food choices.

I was 115kg (far left) when I realized that my health, both physical and mental, demanded attention either now or later in the way of severe consequences. I'm super thankful for having that realization and equally grateful for finding a nutrition coach that saw the entire picture holistically, someone who could impart a lifestyle change not just a quick-fix fad diet.

Thank you

Plant-Based Keto

From rapid weight loss to reduced inflammation, the science behind this low-carb high-fat diet is undeniable. We've ditched the highly processed meats and substituted for healthier plant-based fats like avocado, nuts and coconut. 



Weight loss


brain function



By marrying ketogenic principles with the proven long-term health benefits of a plant-based lifestyle we are able to birth a nutrition protocol that delivers maximum results with zero down-side.   

Whole food plant based

Abbreviated as WFPB, this is the bread and butter of plant-based diets. Sustainable as a long-term overall health & well-being solution, this diet incorporates the full kaleidoscope of vibrant fruits, vegetables, nuts & legumes to maximize nutrient-density and minimize processed food intake.





muscle mass


gut health

With a focus on consuming unprocessed plant-based foods and eliminating refined oils & sugars you can expect to feel vitalized and strong without compromising on variety or taste. 

Intermittent fasting

Used for eons by a multitude of cultures, intermittent fasting is experiencing a modern rebirth as mainstream science finally validates the plethora of health benefits this ancient practice has to offer. One highly auspicious trigger of IM includes the bodly process of autophagy, a cellular cleanse that offers real detoxifying benefits. 





Weight loss


Focus & Clarity

From a reduction in inflammatory and oxidative stress markers to the increase of human growth hormane in males by up to 2000x, intermittent fasting is one stone you simply can not leave un-turned. 

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