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We're blazing the path.

Grown in the rich red earth of Australia, elevated to the stars.

We haven't just taken the road well travelled, we've blazed our own.

The method

Bleeding-edge laboratory equipment designed in the USA allows us to perfect a pure Broad Spectrum CBD extract.


Via Supercritical CO2 extraction a thick resinous phytochemical-rich distillate containing 90% CBD is separated from organic Hemp Biomass.

This distillate is infused with the finest quality botanical terpenes to curate our exotic range of day/night specific CBD blends.


The Madness

The creative process has been applied, and the rule book discarded. Pure creativity lives at the heart of our product design.


We are pioneering a new order of relief and efficacy through innovative CBD products that synergistically combine therapeutic terpenes to activate specific endocannabinoid pathways within the body.

The beauty

With every bottle, you and another heals.

A portion of our profits are donated to Mind Medicine Australia, a not-for-profit organization conducting first class research and clinical trials on the efficacy of psychedelic medicine for alleviating mental health conditions.

To learn more, visit their website here.


Frequently asked questions

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