Blueberry Kush
900mg CBD Vape

Capturing the ultra mellow relaxation of heavy Indica strains, this CBD vape is perfect for afternoon & evening use when unwinding is the #1 priority.

Vape Pen
Replaceable Cartridge
Travel Case

USB CHarger

Perfect For:

Anxiety Relief

Sleep Improvement

Pain Management

Quitting Cannabis or Nicotine

We've chosen terpenes from the famous Blueberry Kush strain of cannabis to super-charge our CBD vapes with that classic "couch-lock" relaxation.


Broad Spectrum CBD, Blueberry Kush Terpene Blend, Natural Blueberry Flavour

1 Vape - $139
2x Vapes - $258 (save $20)
3x Vapes - $357 (save $60)
1 Cart - $139
2x Carts - $178 (save $20)

Replacement Cartridges

3x Carts - $237 (save $60)

Our replacement cartridges simply screw into your Temple vape pen for a quick and easy refill solution.