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The Ultimate Keto-Kickstart to your day




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Vegan Friendly

Keto Friendly

4 Reasons to Kick-start every day

Bulletproof Samurai utilizes high quality, coconut derived MCT Oil containing an optimized blend of C8, C10 & C12 MCT's to provide fuel for Ketone production

Each serving contains 500mg of USDA Organic Dual Extract Lion's Mane Mushroom 12:1, with scientifically proven neuro-regenerative properties this is basically natures Limitless Pill

Used for thousands of years by the ancient Samurai of Japan to increase focus and clarity, Matcha Green Tea is a focal point of Bulletproof Samurai's flavour and weight loss benefits

Perfect for Ketosis or Intermittent fasting, Himalayan Rock Salt provides the much needed elixiar of minerals and electrolytes for those fasting or entering into deep ketosis


Increasing Fat Metabolism

Make your calories work for you

We've combined the proven fat burning capabilities of both ketosis and high quality Matcha Green Tea to create a brew that will turn your body into a fat torching powerhouse.

Studies have shown that those who consumed green tea lost an average of 3.5kg more than their non green-tea drinking counterparts.


Monk-like mental Clarity

a clearer mind is a sharper mind

Each serve of our Bulletproof Samurai packs a whopping 500mg of duel extracted organic Lion's Mane Mushroom 10:1 to deliver a naturally potent nootropic effect and neurogenerative benefits. 


When the trials and tribulations of modern life hit nothing can be more frustrating than being held back by your own mental fog and grogginess, that's why we built a windscreen wiper for your brain.

Designed to support Ketosis

The hardest part about Ketosis is staying there

Entering and maintaining a state of Ketosis is a balancing act that often feels impossible. We found a way to help.

Our delicious yet low carb Matcha Latte utilizes high quality coconut derived MCT Oil to provide the rocket fuel you need to create ketones and improve physical and cognitive energy all day long.


Push harder, for longer

Avoid the Keto-Flu with added minerals 

When we enter into ketosis our body dumps a large amount of stored fluids often leading to electrolyte imbalances know as "keto flu".


We've included mineral-rich Himalayan rock salt to keep your physical and mental performance at a 10.

inside the war chest



Japanese Matcha




Lion's Mane

Cultivated in the fertile soils of Japan. Pour your morning cup of Joe down the drain, there's a new star in town.

Like "Miracle-Grow" for your brain, scientifically proven to promote growth of new brain cells, Lion's Mane is mother natures "Limitless" Pill

An optimized blend of C8, C10 & C12 MCT's to deliver true rocket fuel for your body & mind

The perfect cure for "Keto-Flu", Jam pakced with minerals and electrolytes to keep your firing on all cylinders