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Give the Gift of Healing this Christmas


Ultimate Vape Bundle

If you love taking a vape along wherever you go, this holiday bundle is perfect for you. Experience 2 unique cannabinoid & terpene blends in this holiday gift bundle.

Breathe in health and happiness with our limited-time Vape Bundle, featuring our top-selling refillable vapes for fast-acting benefits. With auto draw activation, these sleek and stylish devices are extremely easy to use, even for beginners.


Whether your goal is to reduce anxiety, sleep better, or achieve a sense of calm clarity throughout the day, our additive-free vapes bring the quality and convenience to achieve balance on the daily.

Vape Bundle Indcludes:

  • 1x Grape Hubba Bubba Vape (indica)

  • 1x Gummi Bear Vape (sativa)

  • 1x Grape Hubba Bubba Vape refill

  • 1x Gummi Bear Vape refill

Vape Bundle - $399 (save $77)


Ultimate Oil Bundle

For those looking to experience the best of our CBD Oils, this one is for you.

Including our flagship 4000mg Clinical Grade along with our two delicious flavoured day/night specific blends. Grape Hubba Bubba Indica for night time and Gummi Bear Sativa for daytime.

Drop into a heavenly state of deep relaxation with our strongest and most delicious oils.

Vape Bundle Indcludes:

  • 1x 4000mg Clinical Grade Oil

  • 1x Gummi Bear Oil (sativa)

  • 1x Grape Hubba Bubba Oil

Oil Bundle - $499 (save $101)


Daytime Clarity Bundle

Invigorate your senses and drop into your Flow State with our daytime clarity bundle, designed for AM use to calm the nerves and sharpen the mind.

Ideal for those looking to alleviate depression, fatigue, brain fog and social anxiety.

Vape Bundle Indcludes:

  • 1x Gummi Bear Vape

  • 1x Gummi Bear Oil 

  • 1x Uplift & Alleviate Oil

Oil Bundle - $389 (save $70)


Night time Relaxation Bundle

Evaporate anxiety and drop into a deep relaxation.

Packed with our heavy hitting Indica blends to ensure you rise above anxiety and enjoy a deep state of total mind/body calm.

Perfect for anyone suffering from insomnia, anxiety and pain.

Vape Bundle Indcludes:

  • 1x Grape Hubba Bubba Vape

  • 1x Relax & Relieve Oil

  • 1x Grape Hubba Bubba Oil

Oil Bundle - $389 (save $70)

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