Grape Hubba Bubba
900mg CBD Vape

Inhale velvety clouds of sweet grape with notes of bubblegum, inspired by the only sensible Hubba Bubba flavour choice, Groovy Grape. 

Vape Pen
Replaceable Cartridge
Travel Case
USB Charger

Perfect For:

Anxiety Relief

Sleep Improvement

Pain Management

Quitting Cannabis or Nicotine

Terpene Blend:

Capturing the ultra mellow relaxation of heavy Indica strains, this CBD vape is perfect for afternoon & evening use when unwinding is the #1 priority.


Broad Spectrum CBD, Blueberry Kush Terpene Blend, Natural Blueberry Flavour

1 Vape - $139
2x Vapes - $258 (save $20)
3x Vapes - $357 (save $60)
1 Cart - $139
2x Carts - $178 (save $20)

Replacement Cartridges

3x Carts - $237 (save $60)

Our replacement cartridges simply screw into your Temple vape pen for a quick and easy refill solution.