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Rapid Weight loss

"Using carbohydrates to fuel our bodies is like shoveling coal into a steam-engine every morning just to get to work"

Mechanisms of Action

Burning Fat for Energy

When carbohydrates are scarce our body quickly switches to using fat and ketones as a fuel source, this means once your body has become "fat-adapted" your metabolism will be turning your body fat into energy.

Craving/Appetite Suppression 

The blood sugar spikes that result from eating carb-rich food act on our dopamine receptors resulting in an almost addictive tendency toward food. By eliminating these blood-sugar spikes we found ourselves satisfied with less. The Keto diet also suppresses "ghrelin" a hormone responsible for hunger.

Decreased Fat Storage

Insulin is released in large quantities when we consume carb-rich foods, this insulin release signals our body to store this surplus energy as fat for later use. By consuming low-carb high-fat foods we massively reduce our insulin release resulting in less fat being stored. 

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Increased brain function

"From bipolar and autism to epilepsy, the Ketogenic diet has not only proven to help alleviate symptoms of neurological disorders but has also been shown to increase in cognitive performance" 

Mechanisms of Action

Mitochondrial Biogenisis

Our mitochondria are often described as the "power-stations" of our cells, ketosis has proven to increase the amount of mitochondria in brain cells, in-turn up-regulating the amount of energy available.


Reduced Oxidative Stress

Oxidative stress is a celluar byproduct of energy production and in high levels damages cells. The metabolism of ketones has been shown to result in significantly less oxidative stress than the metabolism of glucose.


Balanced GABA and Glutamate levels

These two primary neurotransmitters are responsible for regulating alertness and relaxation. Modern diets often lead to high levels of glutamate, resulting in anxiety, sleep disruption and brain fog. The Ketogenic diet has proven to help balance these neurotransmitters, resulting in improved focus and lowered levels of stress & anxiety. 

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Reduced Inflammation

"Many people live with chronic inflammation without even knowing it, a constant state of inflammation has become the norm, and it may be killing us"

 Mechanisms of Action

Ketones act as potent Anti-Inflammatories

In a state of Ketosis our body produces a type of ketone called BHB (β-hydroxybutyrate). BHB calms inflammation by suppressing various inflammatory pathways whilst activating detoxifying pathways such as the Nrf2 pathway, a potent detoxifying mechanism.


Lowered Blood Sugar

When carbohydrates are eaten in excess the body experiences heightened levels of blood sugar and insulin. These elevated blood sugar levels cause major inflammation and if persistent can result in the development of insulin resistance and type II diabetes. By reducing our carbohydrate intake we reduce blood sugar levels. 


Promotes Autophagy 

Autophagy is the bodies process of cellular clean-up and repair. The ketogenic diet has been shown to promote this process of eliminating damaged and potentially inflammatory cells from the body.

EE Georgia Transformation.jpg

To say I was in a slump is an overstatement, sometimes you reach a point where your self-esteem and body image is so low that it becomes a viscous cycle of self-defeat, you can barely muster up the motivation to pull yourself out of bed, let alone make the right food choices.

I was 115kg (far left) when I realized that my health, both physical and mental, demanded attention either now or later in the way of severe consequences. I'm super thankful for having that realization and equally grateful for finding a nutrition coach that saw the entire picture holistically, someone who could impart a lifestyle change not just a quick-fix fad diet.

Thank you

Experience your best

In every passing moment lies the opportunity to transform your existence

We worship the individuality of every human, that's why our coaching is one-one-one, to provide 100% customised nutrition coaching tailored to you including all tools and framework required to accomplish even the loftiest of goals.

Our premium one-on-one nutrition provides all the following plus the added touch of your own expert coach:

Expert Nutrition Consultation
One-on-one coaching from a
professional nutrition coach
Macro balanced meals planned weekly
Easy to follow, Step by step recipes
Weekly Check ins via phone/skype
Unlimited phone/whatsapp support from your own coach
Members access to VIP FB group

Limited spaces available

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