Coconut Matcha Latte

Supercharge your day and support Ketosis with 4 science-backed active ingredients 

High-Grade MCT OIl

Organic Lion's Mane Mushroom

Japanese Matcha Green Tea

Himalayan Pink Rock Salt

We've combined the famous taste of Matcha with the creaminess of coconut milk powder and MCT's, we bring you a next generation Matcha Latte that's naturally sweetened with  100% clean ingredients and only 1g carbs per serve



Just add water or your favorite plant-based milk/creamer and enjoy the clarity of a monk with the energy of a warrior.


5 Stars  ★★★★★

Based on 17 Reviews


Julie B.


Georgia G.


Tastes Amazing!

I didn't think I'd find a subsititute for my Starbucks Matcha but this takes the cake


Ryan H.


Hannah T.


Elysse B.


So rich and creamy

I mix 2tsp with hot water then top with a splash of coconut milk and I'm in heaven


Lion's Mane Extract is Legit!

Love this product, can notice a tangible increase in focus and energy without jitters


Straight up delicous!

Loooooove the coconut matcha latte flavour, been drinking this for months


Susan W.


Smells awesome, tastes even better

The only matcha latte blend I've fallen in love with so far, keep it up


Can't believe it's only 1g carbs

Using this to break my intermittant fasting while doing keto, tastes great!

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