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You are light, clear and focused.

Intermittent Fasting



"We are living in an age of chronic disease, from diabetes to heart failure it's clear our diets are impacting our health."

Mechanisms of Action

Preserving Telomeres  

We can think of telomeres as end-caps on our DNA which helps keep it together. When cells replicate these telomeres shorten, when telomeres grow shorter our immune system and cellular function suffers.The caloric surplas of the modern diet promotes constant cell proliferation. By fasting we regulate two pathways within the body known for causing cell proliferation, IGF-1 & mTor. By doing this, we slow telomere deterioration and increase longevity.


Over time our cells malfunction and accumulate damaged organelles which impair their function. Fasting induces a cellular recycling process known as Autophagy which causes our cells to dissolve these harmful organelles and use them for energy. Autophagy also prevents muscle wastage by resetting your bodies ability to absorb essential nutrients.

Increased Stem Cell Production

Stem cells are designed for growth and repair, they are the raw materials from which all other cells are created. Fasting has proven to promote stem cell-based regeneration of the hematopoietic system. This system is responsible for the production of new blood cells including white blood cells which play a crucial role in proper immune function.  


Weight Loss

Mechanisms of Action


Intermittent fasting and the ketogenic are often paired due to fasting's ability to help hasten the onset of ketosis. This is because when we are fasting our body must burn through stored glycogen (carbohydrates). Once these glycogen stores have been depleted we enter a state of ketosis whereby our body directly converts fatty acids (Stored body fat) & ketones into energy.

Caloric Deficiency 

When we practice intermittent fasting we restrict the window in which we consume our daily meals. By doing so we reduce our total daily caloric intake to the point where we are burning more than we are consuming. If you choose an 16-8 protocol you would be fasting for 16hrs and feeding for 8hr, despite skipping breakfast it's very difficult to overcompensate within that 8hr feeding period making fat loss a near certainty.

HGH Increase & Muscle Sparing

Many involved in the health & fitness community (especially males) fear intermittent fasting due to concerns they will experience muscle wastage and loss. Studies show this could be no further from the truth. Clinical studies have reported that males who partook in a 24hr fast experienced a 2000x increase in human-growth hormone levels. Could intermittent fasting be the answer to gaining lean muscle whilst burning fat simultaneously?


Mental Clarity & Focus

Mechanisms of Action


Intermittent fasting has been shown to induce neurogenisis, put simply it increases the growth of new brain cells. The science behind why fasting forces our brains to grow is uncertain at this point however we do understand that increased neurogenisis provides a variety of benefits including enhanced cognitive performance and intelligence.

Increased BDNF levels

Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor has been coined the "brain fertilizer". This potent protein protects your existing neurons from damage whilst increasing neuroplasticity and strengthening connections between brain cells. The result? An increased ability to learn, deal with stress, improved mood and protection from Alzheimer's and dementia.

Reduced Brain Fog

When we eat throughout the day we experience peaks and troughs of energy as our circulating blood sugar rises and falls. When it falls we experience what is commonly referred to as "brain fog" often in the afternoon. When we fast we remove these dips of energy by allowing our brains to utilize ketones as fuel. As our brains prefer to run off ketones we also experience heightened clarity and focus that lasts all day. 

Experience your best

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