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Vegan-Keto: Side-Step the pitfall's of Traditional Keto

With mounting evidence to support the barrage of benefits that come with entering ketosis, even for short duration's of time, it's very hard to argue against the upcoming Keto craze. From improved energy, mood, brain function, weight loss, reduced blood sugar, decreased inflammation the benefits promised are far and wide. However there are some major caveats , and it isn't exactly ketosis itself that is the problem, more so the way it is attained by the vast majority of keto practitioners.

The Downfall of Traditional of Keto

Often when we think of the Ketogenic diet we immediately envision vast amounts of fatty steaks cooked in grass-fed butter or bacon wrapped asparagus drizzled in cheese. Studies have proven time and time again that a high consumption of animal protein and saturated fats (those found in animal products) correlate with overall poor health outcomes. Red and processed meats have been linked to an increased incidence of bowl cancer, cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

We've grown up being told that milk is the cornerstone of any nutritious regime, where else could we get all that calcium right? We may have been told a lie, studies are showing that dairy may be one of the most inflammatory foods of the current diet. Millions of people world wide experience severe inflammatory responses due to dairy allergens, these symptoms include acne, bloating, joint pain, eczema and digestive disturbances.

A Promising Hybrid

Plant-based keto offers a way to have your ketogenic cake and eat it too. By shifting our dietary fat intake from animal products to plant-based sources we immediately reduce the likelihood of an over consumption of saturated fats, bad cholesterol and inflammatory foods.

A quick examination of the Ketogenic principles, namely the near-absolute exclusion of carbohydrates and high fat consumption, leaves us thinking that going plant-based whilst maintaining a state of ketosis is almost an oxymoron, however as it turns out there is quite a substantial variety of plant-based foods that meet the bill.

The Benefits of Plant-based Keto

One of the most potent benefits of switching to a plant-based diet is the rapid decrease of inflammation within the body. Not only does the elimination of processed meats and dairy result in a decrease in inflammation, plant-foods have their very own inborn anti-inflammatories known as polyphenols. Foods containing high concentrations of these beneficial polyphenols include:

  • Seeds & Nuts (Flax-seeds, almonds, walnuts etc.)

  • Berries (blueberries, blackberries etc.)

  • Green Tea

  • Raw Cocoa

  • Herbs & Spices (Clove, Star-Anise, Oregano, Turmeric etc.)

By pairing the reduced inflammation of a plant-based diet with the anti-inflammatory properties of ketones themselves, we find ourselves with what may be the most efficient nutrition protocol for alleviating chronic inflammation to date.

In recent years mainstream science has been discovering the significance of maintaining a healthy gut microbiome. The bacteria types and balance within our gut have shown to impact a far reaching variety of health outcomes ranging from mood regulation, immune response and weight management. This healthy bacteria requires dietary fiber as a food source in order to produce beneficial short-chain fatty acids used by our bodies. By going plant-based we ensure our gut microbiome thrives by feeding it a continual source of dietary fiber.

The Bottom Line

The science is in, from reduced inflammation, weight loss and improved cognitive function we strongly believe that a Plant-based Keto diet is something well worth a few weeks of experimentation with. If you're interested in learning about Vegan-Keto food choices check out our previous article here.

If you're still uncertain about the merit of a Ketogenic diet we recommend diving into a few of the studies linked below if only for some food for thought.

Find these studies here, here, here and here.

May you be blessed with an extraordinary journey

Sam Miller

The Ethically Enhanced Team


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