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5 Stars  ★★★★★

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Kate H.


Anxiety Gone

After trialling nearly every pharmaceutical the doctors could throw at me with nothing but horrible sides, this has completely eased my once debilitating anxiety

Thank you

✔ Verified Buyer


Michael M.


Gave me space to work on myself

Was resigned to feeling depressed all day every day, this gave me a positive space where I could step away from my emotions and move forward, something which was impossible for years

✔ Verified Buyer


Enya F.


Creativity Super Boost

30 minutes after taking I feel a very organic rush of wellbeing and calmness wash over me, followed by very novel introspective thoughts

Has helped me as an artist tremendously 

✔ Verified Buyer


John S


Helping me reclaim my life

This was reccomended by a friend for helping me treat with PTSD, has helped me deal with my condition tremendously free from side effects 

✔ Verified Buyer

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your guide to microdosing

Step 01. "Why do I want to Microdose?"

Ask yourself what you intend to gain from microdosing, there's no right or wrong answer here, the idea is to gain clarity and understanding around your expectations and motivations for engaging in the experience.

step two: choose a protocol to follow  

We recommend following  one of the two "tried and true" protocols from two top industry experts:

1) James Fadiman Protocol (dosing once every 3 days) 

Day 1 = Dose , Day 2 = No dose, Day 3 = No dose, Day 4= Dose (Repeat)

2) Paul Stamets Protocol (half week on, half week off) 

Day 1 to Day 4 = Dose , Day 5 to Day 7 = No dose (Repeat)


We offer pre-measured (200mg) and prepared capsules for you, all you have to do is take one each morning you intend to dose and you're on your way to experiencing the benefits of microdosing first hand.

Step 4: Keep a Journal

Microdosing creates space for us to objectively reflect on our own inner landscape free from the personal bias of our ego, journaling is a fantastic way to capture this fresh perspective for later reflection.